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Host and creator of the Your Voices of Hope Radio Show/PodCast .

Michelle Beyer

Michelle was a wife and mother, raising her two children in the Canton, Ohio area and living a seemingly “perfect” life.   Unhappy in her marriage, Michelle began going out with friends and soon developed a dependency on Alcohol.   Because of her dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health issues, her life quickly spiraled out of control.  In a few short years, she had three D.U.I. Arrests lost several jobs, her husband, and, for a time — her children.

Michelle found a way out.  She accepted Christ.  She also accepted that she would struggle with addiction and mental health issues for the rest of her life.  She determined that if she could win her battle over-dependency, so could others.  So, with the help of several friends and mentors, Michelle created the radio program, Addiction:  Voices of Hope. 

Addiction: Voices of Hope was on air for many years.  Michelle decided to take it off the air for a while and concentrate on her job as a Certified Peer Support Specialist for ICAN Housing.  Michelle helped the homeless with their mental health and addiction problems. “Working for ICAN Housing as a Peer Support Specialist is the most rewarding job I could have ever asked for,”  Michelle said.


 While working from home, many of Michelle’s clients expressed how much they missed going to AA meetings. “I missed doing my radio show.”

Your Voices of Hope:

 Your Voices of Hope is not replacing Addiction, Voices of Hope is expanding its topics. “There are so many vital issues in today’s world that we can educate people on and prove you can recover from even the most horrific experience,” Michelle said.

 Michelle continues to speak at various Addiction and Recovery events in the area.

New Endeavors:

  •  Michelle is the founder of A Family Christmas Eve, “Share the Warmth.” (I will link the website to it.)
  • Michelle also received, Peer Support Specialist of the year in 2016.


michelle beyer voices of hope

Michelle L Beyer
Show Host

Host and creator
Your Voices of Hope Radio Show/PodCast


Founder and President
 A Family Christmas Eve, “Share The Warmth”

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