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Amy – A Survivor of Domestic Violence


Amy was mentally and physically abused by her mentally ill father, and beat so badly that she is still suffering from her head  injuries today. But, that is not going to stop Amy from accomplishing her college goals and continuing her successful career in body art.  She is also a loving mother to a [...]

Amy – A Survivor of Domestic Violence2021-01-22T17:19:10+00:00

Michael Hooper, state outreach director Ohio Smart Recovery, USA


Michael tried other ways to get sober such as 12 step programs, going to AA, and rehab, but then a friend introduced him to Smart Recovery. A recovery program that gets to the root of your addiction not just telling you to stay away from your addiction. [...]

Michael Hooper, state outreach director Ohio Smart Recovery, USA2021-01-21T17:59:21+00:00

Julie Sparks Executive Director of ICAN Housing


There are over 500,000  homeless people in America, and according to Housing and Urban Development, (HUD) 2017 report over 194,000 Americans will be sleeping on the street tonight. Julie is the executive director for and organization in Stark County Ohio That takes people off the street and puts them into their own place is [...]

Julie Sparks Executive Director of ICAN Housing2020-08-23T02:55:11+00:00

The Story of Becca


Becca shares her story of her own father abusing her; forcing her into a cult; and then marrying a man when she was just 15 years old. Becca was so depressed at one point that she tried to take her own life.  We will learn how she overcame these tragic circumstances are is now [...]

The Story of Becca2020-08-03T18:47:03+00:00

Diane Mang – Has Bipolar 1 with Psychotic Features and OCD and Lives a Normal life.


Diane Mang will tell you how she once dreamed of killing people in her dreams and counting 5's so that she wouldn't follow through. Being diagnosed with  Bipolar I, with psychotic features, and also OCD, doesn't have to be the end of the world. Today, she is living a normal healthy life, . [...]

Diane Mang – Has Bipolar 1 with Psychotic Features and OCD and Lives a Normal life.2020-07-15T14:41:18+00:00

Tanisha Bankston – An Abuse Survivor


Tanisha was raped at the age of 9 by a family member.  She was pregnant at 13 by her cousin's husband. T  For for the next 10 years she lived in an abusive relationship.  Tanisha has a remarkable story about leaving and starting a new life that must be heard by anyone struggling through [...]

Tanisha Bankston – An Abuse Survivor2020-07-14T15:22:30+00:00

Heather Slaughter – Fighting For Justice


Michelle interviews Heather Slaughter, who was once kidnapped, held hostage, raped and beaten for 2 1/2 days by a man she knew. A year later and he has still not been jailed for this offense. Hear how Heather is fighting for justice, not only for herself, but for other women.. [...]

Heather Slaughter – Fighting For Justice2020-06-18T01:51:47+00:00
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