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Weekly Interviews with survivors and Caring Professionals Who work in the addiction recovery, mental health, homeless, human trafficking, domestic violence, & suicide prevention fields.

Addiction: Voices of Hope is now

YOUR Voices of Hope!

Listen to the stories from people on the front line of addiction, domestic violence, homelessness, human trafficking and suicide.  Host Michelle Beyer provides timely interviews that will inspire and provide you with hope!

When I began “Addiction: Voices of Hope several years ago, the vision was limited to those who were struggling with addiction. Our mission became: to Educate with the help of diverse Partnerships in addiction, recovery, prevention; to eliminate stigma’s associated with addiction.

Today is a new day. I’ve felt a need to take that which began as strictly a radio interview program into a video podcast — that can be distributed on several platforms: Our website, radio, Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other social media platforms.

In addition, and most importantly, I’ve expanded the scope of the program to includes stories of addiction, domestic violence, homelessness, human trafficking and suicide.

I am truly looking forward to sharing with you over the coming weeks, months and years — the countless stories of heartbreak, redemption and success —- and offering hope and encouragement to those who may be struggling in their own life.

Soon, we’ll have a number of new video podcasts. However, if you enjoyed our radio interview programs over the years, we have carefully archived them all and you can hear them again on the site.

Michelle L. Beyer
April, 2020

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Michelle L Beyer
Show Host

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