Julie Sparks with ICAN Housing


Julie Sparks Executive Director of ICAN Housing There are over 500,000  homeless people in America, and according to Housing and Urban Development, (HUD) 2017 report over 194,000 Americans will be sleeping on the street tonight. Julie is the executive director for and organization in Stark County Ohio That takes people off the street and [...]

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Corey Minor Smith – Driven to Overcome and Succeed


Moving 21 times and going to 14 different schools, Corey didn’t understand her mother’s mental illness,. Corey says that life is always full of obstacles and roadblocks, but we are the drivers on the road to our own destiny.  Corey Minor Smith shares her compelling story of how, with supportive family and friends, she propelled forward [...]

Corey Minor Smith – Driven to Overcome and Succeed2020-06-05T01:35:09+00:00
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