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Heather Slaughter


Heather Slaughter is our guest today. She was interviewed over a year ago as well. But we wanted to see how her life has changed-- Michelle interviews Heather Slaughter, who was once kidnapped, held hostage, raped, and beaten for 2 1/2 days by a man she knew. But who is Heather? Listen to this [...]

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Amy – A Survivor of Domestic Violence


Amy was mentally and physically abused by her mentally ill father, and beat so badly that she is still suffering from her head  injuries today.  But, that is not going to stop Amy from accomplishing her college goals and continuing her successful career in body art. She is also a loving mother to a [...]

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Tanisha Bankston – An Abuse Survivor


Tanisha was raped at the age of 9 by a family member.  She was pregnant at 13 by her cousin's husband. T  For for the next 10 years she lived in an abusive relationship.  Tanisha has a remarkable story about leaving and starting a new life that must be heard by anyone struggling through [...]

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